1. The participation in the Cyclissime Game is free but requests an online registration. In the first     registration the user has to indicate: first name, surname, Username, Password and E-Mail address. Consequently the user gets an e-mail containing a link to confirm the registration. After the confirmation the user can do the first log-in.


2. The personal Data will only be used for the registration and in case of winning to contact the user. Every other use is excluded.


3. After the creation of an account, the user has access to personal user area divided into: “send your prognosis” “your statistics” “Results races” “Overall Ranking”.


In “send your prognosis” the user can make his prognosis and choose with a dropdown menu he name of the riders. With the button “send your prognosis” the user can send the names of the 5 chosen riders. Under the dropdown menu the date of the race and how many days are missing are indicated. After the indicated data is not possible to send the prognosis.

After every race the users get the relative points (see § 4).

In “your statistics” all the prognoses of the user are showed , his  position in each races and in the overall ranking.

In “results races” the results of all users in the single races are showed.

In the section “overall ranking” all the results of  the cycling classics are listed. The user that at the end of the 11 races has the most points is the winner of the overall ranking.


4. The points are given in the following way: For each prognosticated rider that ends a race in a top 5 position ( no matter in which position)  the user gets 10 points. If the prognosticated position is totally  right, the user gets additional points as follows:(( 50 points for the 1st, 40 for the 2nd, 30 for the 3rd, 20 for the  4th, 10 for the5th).

For example: Prognosis for t he Race 1 of the User „John“ 


The user „John“ gets totally 70 points. 20 points because Tizio and Caio ended the race in the top 5 and 50 additional points because for Tizio the prognosticated position ( 1st) is correct.


5. The prices for the winners are shown on this page (LINK).


6. In case of equal points, the lot decides.


7. The winners will be contacted via e-mail and they have to send their address to to get the prizes.


8. The address will only used to send the prize to the winner. Every other use is excluded.


9. EC Sport News can change or interrupt the game if necessary.


10. Legal recourse is excluded.

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